Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ZELDA 2007

I need something fun to do. I started a fun little sketch today!!! This is gonna be Princess Zelda ( from the nintendo game series) as she appears out of character modern day ( why not? ).
This is EXTREMELY preliminary with a 2H pencil! I can already see I need to "even" up her boobs, perhaps hook her up with a bigger set? hmmmm, not sure yet.

UPDATE..A side by side comparison. I did a little fine tuning to the over all shapes and started to shade her face!!!
See if you can spot the changes!!!

Update April 3 2007,
She is starting to shape up...Thanks to all 5 people who stopped by to look at this!


Gabriel said...

well, don't get them too big. I like them as they are right now, to tell the truth!

Arschblog said...

She looks cute! She have a beautiful face, I can't wait to see the finished picture! :)
I love Zelda! Do you play this game?

Pat McMicheal said...

Arschblog said...
I love Zelda! Do you play this game?
Are You Kidding Me? I've been playing the Zelda games since BEFORE you were born!!!
Steffanie, Im glad you like my sketch so far!

Arschblog said...

I had only the old games(Gameboy), I want to play the new games but they are to expensive for me. T-T
I also want to play the Final Fantasy games!
I need money!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, realistic. Recently I read in my afvourite English Enhancement program "Smarten Your English through Success Secrets" that creating a three dimentional masterpiece with your two diemntional tool shows your three dimensional mind! Keep it up.