Thursday, August 02, 2007

Caricature - quick sketch

Here's a better version on another post-it pad...this time with 70's style straight hair

I just busted out a tiny 3"x3" caricature on a Post-It® sticky pad!!! Any Guesses???
I'll give you a clue.....My Wife's favorite rock singer from the 70's and still today....You may guess this if you were born before, im gettin old.


Hammerson said...

Donna Summer? Or maybe even Roberta Flack? Kinda looks like both of them. Excellent drawing, especially on such small format. I'd love to see more quick updates like this.

Brian said...

I'm guessing Donna Summer just based on the curly haired pic. I've never seen her with '70s style 'wings' before.

Your sketch style has a very finished MAD mag look. Me like! :)

Hammerson said...

This ain't fair!! You changed the picture and made the fools of both of us who commented previously :)
This new picture doesn't look like any of two singers I suggested few days ago. However, it looks incredibly familiar, but I just can't remember who it is right now. How about some help?

Brian said...

The main thing that's throwing me off is that you said rock singer and implied she'd started having hits in the mid-'70s. She was and still is an amazing singer.

The only female rock singer I can think of that fits that is Ann Wilson. She went through a curly hair phase too. But Ann has a square jawline..very pronounced in some pictures. This pic is more of a triangular jawline.

Pat McMicheal said...

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood MAc....My wifes favorite! I cant tell you how many drawings of HER my wife had me do over the years!!! I could draw her with my eyes closed!

Hammerson said...

>>Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood MAc <<

I was just about to write that :)
I suddenly remembered Stevie while I was at work earlier today, and thought "that must be her"! However, the first picture was kinda misleading, because I thought she was black. Oh well, I prefer Fleetwood Mac while Peter Green was there... and no, I'm not THAT old :)
Give us another challenge like this, mr.Magic Pencil

Brian said...

Wow, I completely forgot about Stevie!

Here's a pic that proves you were right on the mark, btw:

That was fun. :)

Marlo Meekins said...

i love your work! that "ug" post is my favorite

Arschblog said...

The girl looks cute, great job!!!
I want to see more!:)

Ps: I'm glad that you got my drawings and that you like them!:)