Monday, March 24, 2008

Abbey Chase ( DangerGirl )

I did a little more work on this today. Her nose was troubling me since I first sketched this out!!! So I did a little rhinoplasty on her proboscis! Even though the first nose was OK, it needed to look a little more CAMPBELL-like and upturned. Thanks for having a look today.

Abbey Chase work in progress, based on the character created by Master Comic book Artist J Scott Campbell.
This will be 11" high and 14" wide when she is complete!
Please check back for updates!

2B and 2H pencils on Smooth Bristol paper


Hammerson said...

Yay, the Graphite-Man is back!!!
I love what you've done on this drawing so far, don't mess it up in the later stages! :)

Just joking of course, the final result is going to be terrific! And I love the dynamic pose you used here.

Jack said...

Good to see you've recovered.

shaggy said...

Looks really cool!

Emily said...

I like her pose it really shows her in action.