Friday, November 28, 2008

Drawing Hair

I've been asked many times "How do you draw hair like that?" Last year I made a short video clip showing the basic technique I use for drawing hair.
• I separate the hair into sections
• Then I use flick-like strokes, all in the same direction ( like striking a match).
• Usually, I start from the ends ( of each sectioned piece) and flick toward the center of the section ( where the highlight would be).

This clip is in REAL is not sped up and there is NO sound.
If you would like to see the finished version of this drawing, Click Here
Click HERE to see a higher quality QuickTime® version of this clip.

This clip shows the technique I use to add the finishing touches to an area of hair. It adds a realistic effect to otherwise flat looking ribbons of hair.
This clip "HAS" audio so you can hear me ( with my stupid voice) explain what I am doing. I hope you find this helpful, or at the very least, entertaining.
Click HERE to see a higher quality QuickTime® version of this clip.


Brian Goss said...

Although I never can see myself ever putting that much detail in a picture, I surely do appreciate the talent it takes! Thanks for posting this! It really is hypnotic watching you work. :)

Hammerson said...

I was always particularly impressed with the way you draw the hair. Thanks for showing your technique... I'm gonna give it a try, though it still looks like magic to me. Yes, I'd love to see part 2 of this video.

And don't forget to finish the drawing from previous post :)

Anonymous said...

great. i always have problem with overlapping hair. it would be nice to see the second part

rubens, brazil

zieglarf said...

Very nice. I'd love to see the 2nd part also. Maybe a little bigger?

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice vid!!!
Really nice illustrations!

Anonymous said...

really nice i never heard of this eraser pencil before, i only have those who damages the paper.
rubens, brazil.

Anonymous said...

i love the way you draw the hair. your pictures are so detailed. i wish i could draw like you. i love art but i cant draw that good. where do you get your ideas from?

Jenny Penny said...

absolutely amazing! I am a fan of you both here and on Deviantart. you are a genius! could you make a video showing what tools you use to shade skin to make it look so lifelike and show your basic technique for skin. thanks for bringing such beautiful art into the world