Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CUTE CARTOON ANGEL pencil drawing

IT IS FINISHED..... I thank everyone who watched this drawing in progress.
When I found this original drawing I instantly fell in love with it!
It was originally drawn by former Disney artist and current Dreamworks artist CHRIS SANDERS, Creator of Lilo & Stitch. I contacted Chris and asked for his permission to do this drawing with my own techniques! ( permission granted).
People ask "why would you draw something by another artist?".
I compare this to a recording artist singing their version of a song, originally recorded by one of their idols!!! No Harm...just ask permission first!! always!!!

As promised, HERE is the original drawing...Go check out Chris' wonderful artwork.

2B & H pencils on Smooth Bristol Paper 11" x 14"


Anonymous said...

great outcome, i really don´t know how you could achieve such dark tones using only a 2b pencil(every time i tried to use layers the paper tears up)
rubens brazil.

shaggy said...

This is an amazing piece!! It is very inspiring too me.

Pavel Jakubec said...

Congrat !

Arschblog said...

"I compare this to a recording artist singing their version of a song, originally recorded by one of their idols!!!"

+ you can also learn from them!=)
I colored some scenes in the Gantz-manga, it also helped me to draw better in that style!:3

Your drawing turned out really beautiful!!! You give an extra touch with your style and the heart you put in your work!
I always like how you draw the eyes and hair that makes your drawings extra lively!!!=)
Did Chris saw the finished drawing?
Did he said something?

ryan said...


Pat McMicheal said...

Thank You Rubens, Shaggy, Ryan. Glad you guys left a comment! Not many people do, and I appreciate that!

Stefanie, You are right...there is much to be learned by re-drawing existing work! I am glad you like the eyes and hair...I put a lot of focus in those areas and it is nice to know someone notices!
I sent Chris several notes and emails with a link to the finished drawing ( as he requested), He must think I'm a real pain in the ass!
He finally responded but I honestly dont think he even followed the link to see it! His response was " it's nice" and he wrote much more about how busy he has been and doesn't have much time to read mail and such.

Ryan, Thanks for that positive response! It sounds like you enjoyed this drawing!

Hammerson said...

I said it already on DA, but I must say it again - it's a masterpiece!! There's a tangible, almost physical quality to this drawing, and I'm truly impressed with the way you managed to depict such different textures - clouds, skin, fur, and in particular that slimy octopus. It's a remarkable achievement, especially in black & white technique.

Dam Ferreira said...


Very very very beautiful!!
your work is very good
the effects that you give is very beautiful


Cynthia said...

I love the outcome! :)

Vera said...

Hi...I found you just by chance...and..well a lot of people just say that but, i love your works.
I start drawing using a simple pen but....not I wasn't so good as you...so I turn on color and digital art but....first love never forget.
Your works are amazing....really. ^__^

spongebob coloring pages said...

What a wonderful creation, haizz.. want to be you, if only..lol

James said...
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