Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SKADI fan art

Skadi is an on-line comic strip character created by the wonderful Katie Rice. Her strip is featured every Wedsnesday Right Here. I know this version is way off model, But I wanted to inject a little of my own style into this! Please feel free to download this and color her up in your illegal copy of Photoshop, Send me a link, I would love to see them!


Arschblog said...

She looks really cute! I like how you drew her!:D Do you have that pic as a png? I think that would make it easier to colour it later.;)
I find it more interesting to see fanarts of cartoons/comics/manga/anime in different styles! It is impressive when someone manages to copy the style really good but it's not really exciting. And that's why it's called fanart, to see how fans would draw the characters!:)

Patrick McMicheal said...

Thank You, Happy you like her! I'll send you any file you want. Transparent png? Adobe Illustrator vector?

Katie said...

YES!! That's awesome!! Ha ha ha, she looks awesome in those boots...that's a great design! :)