Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute Cartoon Girl with JetPack

OK she's finished.
Totally inspired by an un-finished sketch by the Famous Chris Sanders ( creater of Lilo and Stitch).
•11" x 14" strathmore 300 series smooth bristol
• 2H and 2B pencils
* about 5 hours to complete


Anonymous said...

the shining parts are amazing.
Rubens, Brazil

Pavel Jakubec said...


mike said...

Your shading is unbelievable. also I love that new gif you added to the bottom left corner. Keep it up.

spongebob coloring pages said...

I agree to Mike statement, your rendering was awesome. A truly blooded artist. Nice.. hope to see more of your work.

spongebob coloring pages said...

What pencils are you using?