Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas card

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Arschblog said...

She looks so cute!!! I like her eyes and how you made the wings!
A wonderful picture!=)
Thanks for doing such great artwork, it makes me happy!:)
I wish you a merry Christmas too!!!

Hammerson said...

Fantastic picture!! It's one of your very best drawings, cute and powerful at the same time. It's perfect!
I agree with Steffi, your artwork really makes me happy :)
Merry Christmas to you too!

(and that reminds me to hurry up with my own Christmas card :)

Pat McMicheal said...

Thank You Hammerson & Stephanie! My two biggest fans! I am happy that you two keep checking back to see my boring gray colorless images.!

MikeSnj said...

Boring? These drawings are fucking amazing. Keep it up and merry Christmas to you also.

Hammerson said...

... and of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Best wishes for a good, healthy, successful and prosperous 2008!
I will continue to check your blog regularly, hoping to see more of those amazing "boring gray colorless" images in the new year :)

Emily said...

I love the outfit and the wings. Looks really cute.

Hayley Swanson said...

Dude..These Drawings Are FASCINATING!!I Am So Amazed With Your Work! I Love Them All And This One Especially Because It Reminds Me Of Tinkerbell! I Love Tinkerbell...Excellent!